IIT-Mandi to launch 5-year integrated MBA in analytics, data science & AI specialisation from 2024-25

NEW DELHI: The Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi (IIT-Mandi) has become the first IIT to introduce a five-year Integrated MBA (IMBA) programme starting from the academic year 2024-25. This programme awards a BBA degree after three years, a BBA honours on exit after four years and an MBA upon successful completion of five years. The IMBA programme will specialize in BBA Analytics (honours) and MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
According to the School of Management, IIT-Mandi, this programme has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of management, alongside skills in analytics, data science, mathematics, and statistics through a carefully curated curriculum. The IMBA programme also includes courses in humanities, communication, and the Indian knowledge system. The goal is to cultivate future business leaders with a strong appreciation for technology and cross-functional management abilities.
In the initial years, the programme focuses on developing students’ critical thinking and creativity through foundational courses in management, analytics, mathematics, statistics, communication, and personality development. Later years offer specialized courses to equip students with skills to apply technology across various management functions.
Professor Laxmidhar Behera, director of IIT-Mandi, said: “With the growing reliance on data for business decisions to gain a competitive edge, organizations increasingly use technological tools from data science and artificial intelligence. This has heightened the demand for business leaders who thoroughly understand and effectively use these technologies in a business context.”
The MBA programme in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, introduced in 2022, catered to this industry demand. This year, IIT-Mandi is advancing further by launching this five-year IMBA programme.
The IMBA program offers students the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in management right after completing their 10+2 education at a top-tier institute. After successfully completing the five-year program, students will receive two degrees: BBA Analytics (Honours) and MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
Aligned with the New Education Policy, the program also offers two exit options: a BBA Analytics degree after three years and a BBA Analytics (Honours) degree after four years.
Professor Manoj Thakur, chairperson of the School of Management at IIT-Mandi, said: “This programme is designed to prepare students for management careers immediately after school. It integrates essential management principles with mathematical and statistical concepts, analytics, data science, and AI. The curriculum emphasizes nurturing students to become socially aware business professionals capable of utilizing technology for social good.”
Students will undertake two industry internships, one of which will be six months long. The program also uniquely offers students the chance to explore entrepreneurship as a career, providing access to IIT-Mandi’s incubation center and allowing a one-year sabbatical to pursue innovative start-up ventures.

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