BI Collected Over 400 AI Salaries From 8 Wall Street Banks

JPMorgan Chase

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JPMorgan Chase, the biggest bank in the country, is making a play to be the industry’s AI leader. The bank had, by far, the most visa worker hires in our study, 237, with Citibank at a distant second with 52 hires. A report by Evident AI ranked the bank at the top of its AI Innovation list for banks, noting that it produced 45% of all AI research produced by banks in 2023. AI research at JPMorgan is led by Manuela Veloso, who leads a team of academics who look at the potential of AI across seven main areas, from data management to employee empowerment.

The practical application of AI at JPM is spearheaded by the bank’s recently formed Data and Analytics organization. JPMorgan’s firmwide chief data and analytics officer, Teresa Heitsenrether, leads that team, which consists of AI, machine learning, and data executives from across the bank. The firm’s prodigious hiring of data science and AI roles last year included applications of 37 data science associates and 37 applied AI & machine learning associates. In total, the firm sought to hire 95 employees on a visa with AI in their title with a top salary of $275,000 for a data scientist/executive director position. The lowest salary was $90,000, which is more than $30,000 above the average US salary.

Recent job listings show the firm is currently hiring for similar roles at similar salaries. An applied AI/ML lead position comes with a salary range of $147,250 to $260,000, compared to the $163,800 to $235,000 offered to the sixteen vice presidents of applied AI ML leads they sought in 2023.

Check out what the bank is paying for different roles below.

Associate, AI & Data Science: $125,000-$150,000

Associate, AI Research: $140,000-$215,000

Associate, Analytics Solutions: $115,000-$150,000

Associate, Applied AI & Machine Learning: $124,000-$215,000

Associate, Asset Associate II: $109,250

Associate, Business Analyst: $90,000-$98,500

Associate, CCB Risk Program AI/ML: $140,000

Associate, Channel Marketing: $115,000

Associate, Data Analyst: $130,000

Associate, Data Analytics Analyst: $100,000

Associate, Data Domain Architect: $117,500-$120,000

Associate, Data Management: $102,000

Associate, Data Scientist: $100,000-$180,000

Associate, Data Visualization: $125,000

Associate, Model Program Risk: $150,000

Associate, Modeling Analytics: $120,000

Associate, Quant Analytics: $100,000-$135,000

Associate, Quant Modeling: $120,000

Associate, Quantitative Research: $125,000-$131,000

Associate, Software Engineer: $127,700-$145,000

Associate, Strategic Analytics: $90,900-$120,000

Business Analysis Associate II: $110,000

Data Analytics Analyst: $100,000

Data Scientist Analyst: $90,000-$102,274

Data Scientist: $100,000

Executive Director, Applied AI ML Director: $260,000

Executive Director, Data Scientist: $260,000-$275,000

Executive Director, Product Director: $260,000

Executive Director, Quant Analytics: $235,000

Quant Analytics Associate: $90,000

Senior Associate, AI Research: $175,000-$185,000

Senior Associate, Applied AI & Machine Learning: $134,000-$173,720

Senior Associate, Data Owner Associate: $145,000

Senior Associate, Data Scientist: $110,000-$160,000

Senior Data Scientist: $166,000

Senior Engineer, Applied AI ML: $170,100

Senior Quant Analytics Associate: $107,000

Vice President, AI Research Lead: $177,000-$193,800

Vice President, Analytics Solutions and Delivery: $142,623

Vice President, Applied AI ML Lead Predictive Science: $203,500

Vice President, Applied AI ML Lead: $163,800-$235,000

Vice President, Applied AI ML: $175,000-$260,000

Vice President, Capital Risk Lead: $175,000

Vice President, Data Domain Architect: $170,000

Vice President, Data Domain Architect: $170,000-$190,000

Vice President, Data Management Lead: $175,000

Vice President, Data Scientist Lead: $120,000-$190,000

Vice President, Data Scientist: $146,000-$190,000

Vice President, Database Management Lead: $135,000

Vice President, Fraud Risk: $145,000

Vice President, Lead Software Engineer: $170,000

Vice President, Modeling Analytics: $139,000

Vice President, Predictive Science: $137,600

Vice President, Product Development (AI/ML): $118,400

Vice President, Product Specialist: $135,000

Vice President, Project Execution: $155,000

Vice President, Quant Analytics Manager: $116,000

Vice President, Software Engineer: $214,000

Vice President, Strategic Analytics: $135,000

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