5 Data Science Companies in Ahmedabad to Know

Data science is a relatively young field, but it’s proving critical across multiple sectors, including e-commerce, healthcare and artificial intelligence. Data collection and analysis are major parts of data science and are necessary to develop and train large language models. Even outside of AI, just about every tech company uses some sort of data analysis to inform its products or operations. Keep reading to learn how Ahmedabad’s data companies are advancing the field and contributing to the development of AI technology. 

Top Data Science Companies in Ahmedabad to Know

  • IBM
  • Growexx
  • Uniquesdata
  • Shreeji Data Analytics
  • SoluLab

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Top Data Science Companies in Ahmedabad

IBM is a global technology company known for advancing computing hardware like semiconductors and network storage. Now the company is shifting to AI and offers a range of data science solutions that help clients build better AI tools. IBM also develops industry courses for people wanting to learn about data science. 


Growexx offers a variety of software and consulting services, including AI and data consulting. The company specializes in SQL, Python, Tableau and cloud databases, which are essential for data manipulation. It helps its clients create machine learning platforms and establish best-in-class data practices.  

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Uniquesdata helps clients turn their data into insights. It provides comprehensive data entry services for clients lacking technical know-how or who have vast amounts of data on outdated tech. For its more advanced clients, Uniquesdata provides data scrapping and mining services, which help collect data from outside sources. 


Shreeji Data Analytics is a consulting firm solely focused on data. Its services cover the entire scope of data science, from data warehousing to relational database management and visualization platforms like Power BI. Since its launch, Shreeji Data Analytics has worked with healthcare, e-commerce and manufacturing clients. 

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Solulab is a tech company focused on blockchain and AI, two fields that use vast sums of data. Through its platform, clients can hire specialized data scientists or consult with experts to leverage data for AI platforms, blockchain or business intelligence. 

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